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multimedia installation
Moscow Biennale for Contemporary Art
special project
Artists: Margo Trushina, Sila Sveta
Curators: Polina Zakharova, Claudia Paetzold
At the occasion of the 6th Moscow Biennale, visual artist Margo Trushina and Sila Sveta present a collaborative site specific multimedia art project entitled "The Tomorrow that Never Was". Delving into Soviet heritage and rekindling with the dream of a distant bright future, the artists resurrect the "Golden Spike" fountain - a utopist monument in decay - thereby honoring and reviving the vision of future transcending boundaries and limitations.
Built in the 50s', the "Golden Spike" is the third largest fountain of the VDNKh Park and yields unique architectural features. Rising 16 meters above the ground with a jet of water being projected to a soaring height of 25 meters, it was the quintessential symbol of fertility, prosperity and confidence according to Soviet urban mythology.
Margo Trushina and Sila Sveta will restore the magnificent monument and endow it with new life by means of an interactive installation using the latest laser scanning technologies and 360 degree video-mapping. The Golden Spike's damaged mosaic, originally conceived by the mosaic department of the Russian Academy of Arts on the basis of sketches by sculptor Dobrynin and architect Topuridze, will be recreated in the form of an intricate projection which will not only restore the fountain's original splendour but also transform the monument into a symbol of a new state of consciousness and portal into the timeless.
Utopia is an essential motor of human development as standing still equals decay. The ephemeral nature of the project will operate as a singular opportunity for the audience to gather around the revived monument in a desire to reformulate and reaffirm the dream of a united future.