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The Echo of the Space

Shown installation presents a number of sculptures, spatial wall drawings (made of packing tape) and text. The insertion of sculptures and drawings into the gallery context has produced complex architectural scenes, which both absorb and are absorbed by the viewer. They invite the viewer to move through the work, drawing out meanings over time. And, through varying modes of interaction, they involve activities that draw on personal memories, cultural references and imagined scenarios. The presence of multiple marks of time of the world around us, so evident and complex, represent a revelation that artist wish to grasp and convert into a referent for plastic language, one in which matter is the vehicle for an idea and not an end in itself. The idea of transmitting information about a site outdoors to viewers indoors and of establishing a relationship between a site and it’s representation are key concepts of this installation. When sculptures, made of mirrored stainless steel, are placed in a gallery, their forms are interrupted by the reflections of the architecture of the gallery and surrounded environment, the viewers and the other sculptures, making it impossible to see the work independently of the space, light, and the viewer’s field of vision.