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In Platonic philosophy, idea – which is often translated as "form" or "configuration" and is analogous in derivation and original sense to "species" (from specere, "to behold") – describes what is seen not by the physical but by the mental eye. It designates the general, or ideal form, an absolute pattern, the eternally existing and purely intelligible essence of sensible things in the ordinary world we inhabit, while the latter derive their existence from these archetypical "ideas" and are but imperfect copies of them.
wood, veneers, acrylic paint,
70x45 cm,
The "Dymaxion" project was the result of a study of Buckminster Fuller's Utopian manifesto "Operating manual for Spaceship Earth". I created a number of geometric sculptures, finished in different materials, that take the form of abstract “buildings”, which through geometric shapes and forms aim to create environments for the new Utopian forms of collective habitation. These geometric sculptures are intended to demonstrate Utopian concepts in relation to the spatial environment and architecture.